Nassim Herbert Walker Bush



Name: Nassim Herbert Walker Bush
Civilian Name: Nassim Herbert Walker Bush
Powers: CLASSIFIED (Nassim’s the product of some kind of super-soldier program. He hasn’t volunteered the limits of his abilities, and he’s got high enough security clearance that digging in is a bad idea -Drew)


Again, Classified.
He kind of just appears out of nowhere as a DMA agent a few years after the Metahuman Registration Amendment, making a big commotion because of some poem he’d written about Cora.
The humiliation caused by the letter worked out for him when the The Bonds of Tyranny seized power. He was little too well known to simply disappear, which gave him the headstart needed to avoid their purges.

Once The Defense had been freed and the Bonds brought down, he was offered the assistant-directorship with the DMA, and was appointed as the Department’s liaison to The Second Defense.

I’ll write up a proper entry if we can get him to tell us more. -Drew

Nassim has not yet chosen to share the events of the alternate timeline..

Nassim Herbert Walker Bush

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