Can't stop the signal!


Name: 802
Civilian Name: Lani Harada
(human)Hear and broadcast many different electromagnetic frequencies, Capable of controlling machines with her mind
(disembodied) control machines by jumping her consciousness into them, split off portions of herself into “subthreads”


Born a mutant, she was able to keep her abilities secret, avoiding detention under the MRA. She we approached and recruited by Aegis shortly before The Defense was formed and became a founding member of the team.

Since The Defense was apprehended by The Bonds of Tyranny, she’s been without a body. Most of her mind left her body over various escape attempts and other efforts to sabotage the Bonds’ plans.
Even after the Bonds’ defeat, her intelligence is scattered over the planet. The bulk of her mind resides with The Second Defense, aiding where she can. A portion remains with The Cyborg, helping with his recovery. Several subthreads scour the planet, searching for her body and the unaccounted for parts of her mind, thrown out into the world looking for ways to escape The Bond, but lost in the process.


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