The Black Bird

She's doesn't talk much, because a whisper could destroy a city block.


Name: The Black Bird
Civilian Name: --
Powers: Capable of projecting powerful sonic bursts, as well as other assorted sonic manipulation abilities, including phasing.
Commonly clad in a leather jacket and rising a motorcycle.
Well-trained martial artist, with well-trained investigative skills.


A slight, capable young woman, possessed of a mutation that has immensely increased the strength of her vocal chords, The Black Bird has effectively taken a vow of silence, as even the slightest whisper carries an incredible destructive power.

She was forcibly recruited by the DMA due to her abilities, but shortly thereafter, The Bonds of Tyranny took over. Quick Force saw her potential, and was able to hide her from their view during their initial purge, and she worked in secret during their occupation to help where she could.

Teaming up with Corvette and Crunk, she freed The first Defense from their captivity and defeated The Leviathan of Los Angeles.

While officially a member of The Second Defense, she rarely participates in active missions, having taken up a post training new DMA recruits.

The Black Bird

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