Earth B

Mechs of the Chesapeake

The Moody Cyborg meets his maker

The short version:
James’s mental wetware was falling apart, and the only way we could find to fix him was in an X-Arc facility hidden in the Chesapeake Bay.
We raided the facility, and discovered James’s cybernetic implants were a product of their experiments, aiming to create cyborg pilots to drive their enormous war mechas.
We defeated the facility director, who was remotely-controlling an on-site drone, which launched several of his giant robots against North Harbor before self-destructing. We plugged James into a machine to repair his mind, but the machine snatched him away and merged him into one of the giant robots.
James held off the mechs as we made our way back to the surface to join the fight. He took the brunt of their assault, but we managed to destroy the mechs, saving the city and James’ life.

Since then, James has returned to his ranch, where’s got plenty of room to get accommodated to his new body.



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