Tag: Defense First Gen


  • Aegis

    Wealthy advocate for Mutant Rights, formed The Defense in 2004. Used as a battery by Professor Plasma during his capture by The Bonds of Tyranny, he asked Corvette to take over The Defense when he was freed. He ran for, and is presently serving in, …

  • The Cyborg

    A former soldier, he was kidnapped by one of the Rogue [[X-Arc | X-Arc]] cells, who replaced much of his body with cybernetic prosthetics referred to as "The Package." He escaped and attempted to live quietly, under the radar, until circumstances caused …

  • 802

    Born a mutant, she was able to keep her abilities secret, avoiding detention under the MRA. She we approached and recruited by [[:aegis]] shortly before The Defense was formed and became a founding member of the team. Since The Defense was apprehended …

  • Blink Bat

    Not much is known about this aged, mysterious creature. He appeared in North Harbor shortly before The Defense was formed, and was recruited at the outset.

  • The Geopath

    A mutant hiding from the MRA, he found his secret exposed while saving the city from an attack. [[:aegis]] contacted him, and was able to shield him from the law; in gratitude, he agreed to become a founding member of The Defense.