Earth B

The Leviathan of Los Angeles
The Bonds have been broken

Except for the introduction, this is a copy of the report I’ve filed with the DMA. I’m just skipping past the boring paperwork stuff.

We’d only run a few operations together when we caught wind of some gremlins attacking an electronics shop. One of the gremlins wasn’t as aggressive as the others; it was smaller, leaner, and fairly talkative and seemed confused as to why it was sent with the raiding party. We talked it into leading us back to its home, an abandoned rail junction deep in the sewers.
Long story short, they were building a giant power nullifier. Hard to tell, but I think they were trying to wire it into the city’s rail network, maybe trying to cast a wide enough net to hit Primus, wherever it is he hides, so The Bond could get in. (I promise, we’ll get to Los Angeles soon. I’m not just trying to make us look good by saying we saved North Harbor too).
After I disabled the leader, I noticed he had an implant that HADN’T exploded after the body was starting to dry out and flake. Corvette said it had started emitting a faint signal, which she said were coordinates.
We traced them to the front doorstep of a house in Harbor Gardens, which had a lock even I couldn’t pick. Crunk almost tore the door of the hinges, but when we got the implant near to the door, it unlocked for us. After a brief encounter with a security system, we realized we’d found The Defense’s secret base, and that 802 had a subthread stowing away on the implant.
It was only a small part of her, but she gave us some crucial information. She’d jumped into the implant when the gremlin came as one of the Bond’s attendants to visit wherever she was being held. She was able to grab a rough location, and then she waited for the opportunity to lure in some backup.
Corvette got her jet ready, and we followed the location she gave us: a few miles south of Santa Monica, California, on the edge of the Pacific. We had to hike off road for a bit, but we found a isolated cave, and inside it, ancient, strange machinery. We fired it up, and it opened what turned out to be a portal to an underwater base dozens of miles off the coast. The Bond had constructed a lab in the ruins of a domed, underwater city. Crunk, tearing off on his own, almost immediately found Aegis trapped atop a towering spire, having energy siphoned off of him to power their grid. He refused our help until we’d saved the rest of his team.
We found 802 soon after in a building that was shielded against wireless signal with every trick we knew, and a few we didn’t; or, I suppose, more accurately, we found most of her mind trapped inside an old computer. She jumped into Corvette’s suit, using it to start launching attcks against the facility’s systems as we started looking for her body. Dr. James had realized we were there by then, and was sending the drones which patrolled the ruins after us, but Crunk was able to stop everything that found us.
We came across their primary power generator next, and trapped inside it was Professor Plasma. Even in his… condition, I suppose, it was obvious he was in agony, twisted by the machine he was imprisoned in. I turned down the machine, to spare him the suffering, and out of pity, I freed him. I know he’s a mass murdering monster, but what I saw in that room…
He’d sworn he’d leave us alone, and he kept his word. He flew out, fast, Dr. James his obvious target.
Now, Dr. James was ranting at us through these giant shapeshifting-sand heads on the tops of the ruins, and just after we’d cut the power, he started going on about how we were too late, and that “Leviathan would be making landfall in Los Angeles any second.” I believe the Professor must have caught up to him just after that because that’s when the heads cut out.
802 said she’d managed to free a friend, that they’d finsih up with the facility, and told us we should go check out the Doctor’s threat against LA.
We went back through the portal, and it didn’t take us long to find the Leviathan: an enormous version of the drones they had defending the base, terrorizing an open air mall. We were able to keep its attention, and to bring it down without much difficulty.

I’ve attached some relevant files 802 was able to extract from their networks. The data she pulled represents the bulk of the intelligence we have on The Bonds of Tyranny, and is contained in a different report

Black Bird

Attachments (5):

Research Log
Dr. James

The pesky “heroes” have all been detained. We can finish our plan without further worry of interruption. There was some… disagreement as to what to do with them. Though not ideal, the current distribution of the specimens will do, for now.
The speedster has been allocated to the Primary base. His regenerative cells will be useful in more quickly breeding a warrior class of Gremlins.
We utilized some of our influence to hold the creature at Stonehall, as we do not presently have the capability to neutralize his teleportation abilities. I’ve made a note to look into this, as I find its biology fascinating, some sort of extreme variation on the mutant gene.
The Professor will take Aegis and the technopath. He claims he can use their unique mutations to improve the efficiency of the Drones.
The leaves the cyborg and the metamind to me. I believe my first avenue of investigation should be into the cranial wetware. Perhaps I can use the mutant to analyze data, until i can decide on a proper regimen to run it through.

Research Log
Dr. James

The Professor is a fool! So pleased by his initial success at adding the mutant Aegis’s energy production to the power grid, he’s grown careless, resting on his achievements, and allowed the technopath to escape into our grid.
We’ve been cleaning it out for weeks, and now that it’s finally scoured from the networks, he decided to lock it up, ignoring the potential for the breakthroughs we could discover using it.
The fool.
And his constant meddling in my methodology! I must do something to prevent his incompetence from slowing my work. The Bond keeps us strong, and forbids one from striking against another, but I will find a way.

Research Log
Dr. James

The facility’s purpose seems to be the construction of additional drones; simple, barely conscious worker automatons.
Though I first supposed whatever ancient race had created them had done so merely for labor purposes, the broad array of unused mechanisms in the facility have led me to question that initial theory. I now believe these drones are a second-generation creations, low-class drones created by a higher caste of more sapient automatons, left to eternally maintain this ruined city in the absence of their creators.

Though my scientific curiosity has me wondering if we could rebuild these High Caste workers, it is not worth the risk of losing control of the Drones to their former masters.
However, I am curious if we could adapt the technology to create something else.

Research Log
Dr. James

The Cyborg’s resistance has proved admirable, but it has finally fallen. At least, in the rare circumstances it is capable of breaking through the new control protocols, it is crippled, capable only of screaming in terror. Not a total success, but ahead of schedule, nonetheless.

I can now focus more on LEVIATHAN.

Research Log
Dr. James.

My initial estimates on LEVIATHAN seem quite solid, though I need a power source much stronger than even the augmented Charge Tower. Perhaps… perhaps I can adapt the technology used to transfer the specimen’s energy projection to the Charge Tower to boost the output of the primary reactor. Yes, if we converted HIS ionic Plasma, it could act as a midgrade fusion reactor…


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