The Sentry

A secretive, psychic brain in a jar, consumed by its desire to stay hidden


According to notes we’ve captures, the mutant Gergory Hollis was captured by X-Arc over a decade ago, as part of their illegal experimentation on mutants.

A powerful psychic, he was connected to anyone who was thinking about him. X-arc saw a use in these abilities, and sought to enhance them.
By the time we’d discovered him, he was little more than an enormous, bulbous brain, most of his body excised except what was required to keep the brain functioning. He’d gain limited precognition ties to people learning of him, and The Director had utilized this by wiring him into a central data server for X-Arc’s operations, piggybacking on his ability to help them wipe data on their cells servers whenever they were about to be discovered.

Despite the horror inflicted on him by X-Arc, The Sentry had become pathologically loyal to his employers, and attempted to kill The Defense when they raided his keep, even as his home exploded around him.

The Sentry

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