The Director

For the secretive leader of an international, evil-science organization, he looks rather unremarkable.


We know very little about The Director.
The second incarnation of The Defense first encountered him while saving the life of The Cyborg, controlling one of X-arc’s bases via one of his holo-projection drones.
Over they next few years, we’d catch evidence of his handiwork in X-Arc operations, showing a level of coordination between the rogue cells unseen in their early years. We’d seen direct evidence of his work in an attempt to change history and an alliance with Captain Awesome‘s nemesis The Troll that resulted in the death of The Captain’s girlfriend.
We recently captured him, and turned him over to the Department of Metahuman Affairs .

Nearly all of our encounters with The Director have been through remote-controlled drones projecting his image, wearing a simple set of scrubs and a lab coat, a surgical mask and hairnet, and a set of goggles. The drones are formidable war machines, capable of going toe-to-toe with several members of the defense, if only for a brief period.
When we finally encountered him in person, we were surprised to discover he was almost entirely human, and was nearly killed when Captain Awesome flew him into the upper atmosphere. An older, balding man in his late 50s, it appeared he had some kind of implant in his brain, but was otherwise unenhanced.

The Director

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