A hole opens in the world, and you can feel a presense from the other side peering into your mind


Name: R’Tp
Civilian Name: ????
Powers: Telepathy, Creation of portals capable of traversing vast distances


Not much is known about this strange creature; he began showing up in the presence of other villains shortly before a string of casino robberies.

(His abilities do not trigger mutant detectors, and his, frankly, alien appearance doesn’t match anything we’ve seen, even out of X-Arc’s most twisted lab -Drew)

Still an enigma. He wasn’t seen when we took down The Bond, and we haven’t seen him since.
I believe he is an alien, but something beyond just “another planet” alien. In addition to distances, the portals he can open also seem to open into some extradimensional space, and given the little else we know, I think he might be of an extradimensional origin as well.


Earth B bcmoise