I can kill you with my brain.


Name: Osprey
Civilian Name: Casey Oliver
Powers: Expresses the mutant gene, granting her telekinetic and telepathic powers.


Casey Oliver has led a tragic and difficult life.
Her grandfather is the infamous Oliver Oliver, noted anti-mutant activist still in prison for his and Petunia Crumpleworth‘s daughter’s murder.

Her powers fully manifested a few years before The Bonds of Tyranny seized power, but as she was fortunate enough to evade detection by the DMA during her youth, she evaded their initial purge.

She was trapped in Seattle when they took over and waged a guerrilla campaign against their atrocities there, luckily evading capture time and time again. Sometime during this period, she acquired a seemingly immortal puppy who refuses to leave her side.
Her actions during this period caught the attention of The Defense, who recruited her into their new lineup.

Casey has not yet chosen to share the events of the alternate timeline.


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