Dr. Richard D. James

Amoral Scientist


Name: Dr. Richard D. James; Deceased
Powers: Telepathy
Abilities: Gifted scientist, excellent marksman(pistols)


A brilliant scientist, he crossed over into mad science once he gave himself the ability to read the minds of others and began stealing their ideas. Imprisoned at Stonehall once caught, his escape still defies explanation, though it is believed to be tied to his joining The Bonds of Tyranny.

After the group’s takeover of the world, he carried on vile experiments on The Bond’s prisoners, including members of The Defense.
At some point, he betrayed and imprisoned Professor Plasma, as part of his plan to turn Atlantis’s ancient machinery towards building an army of Leviathan drones.
A group of heroes raided Atlantis to free The Defense, when they came upon the imprisoned Professor; The Black Bird freed the Professor out of pity. He immediately sought out Dr. James, who did not survive the encounter.

Dr. Richard D. James

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