The Cyborg

He never asked for this


Name: The Cyborg
Civilian Name: James “Jim” Cohen
Powers: Mechanically augmented human; both arms and several organs have been replaced with mechanical prosthetic. Durable micro-implants under the skin provides increased resiliency. Brain implants and software upgrades have increased his combat effectiveness, but occasionally caused violent episodes; after his capture by The Bonds of Tyranny, a sub-thread of 802 has been in his head, helping him to deal with these stresses.
His nervous system is presently grafted into the control structure of a 60-foot tall robot, armed with a particle cannon.


A former soldier, he was kidnapped by one of the Rogue X-Arc cells, who replaced much of his body with cybernetic prosthetics referred to as “The Package.” He escaped and attempted to live quietly, under the radar, until circumstances caused him to be a reluctant founding member of The Defense.

He was held hostage by The Bond, during which time Dr. Richard D. James studied him most amorally to determine the full extents of The Package. This exacerbated the hallucinatory side-effects of the implants; when he was liberated, he immediately retired to an isolated horse ranch, his only companion a sub-thread of his friend 802 installed in his neural implant trying to repair on his broken mind.

Unfortunately, Dr. James’s tinkering eventually caused a catastrophic failure in his cybernetics’s firmware, forcing him seek the newly reformed Defense for assistance. Together, they discovered and assaulted a major X-Arc research facility in the Chesapeake Bay, where they found the tech needed to repair Jim’s wetware; however the cost of his repair was his merging with an 60-foot tall robot. Thanks to the effort of The Defense, he survived being attacked by several giant robots under the control of X-Arc.

He’s returned to his ranch, where he makes use of the wide, open space.

Jim, with friends, incomplete

Jim, circa 2003

Jim, circa 2015

The Cyborg

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