Code Name: Corvette
Civilian Name: Cora VanEtten
Powers: none
Equipment: Owns an array of cutting edge ArmadaTech equipment: ArmadaTech Infiltrating Corvette Class Armor(ATICCA),


After a record-setting Olympic win while in high-school, Cora VanEtten was recruited by Stephen Armandan for The Fleet.
She took over a portion of ArmadaTech after Armada retired, taking on the moniker Corvette.

When The Bonds of Tyranny took over, Corvette helped rescue The Defense from captivity. As most of the original team had decided to pursue other paths following their imprisonment, Aegis asked Corvette to assemble a new team to carry on their legacy.

Cora has not yet chosen to share the events of the alternate timeline.


Earth B saraphrodite