Crazy Cat Lady



Name: Crazy Cat Lady
Civilian Name: Petunia Crumpleworth
Powers: Enhanced Stamina, assorted mental abilities


Petunia Crumpleworth had a long and full life before she gained her superpowers.
Married several times, including once to the infamous Oliver Oliver, she is notable for being one of Corvette’s early archer instructors, before her retirement.
Not long into her retirement, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had an interesting reaction to her experimental treatment, which not only cured her ailment, but also imbued her with superhuman (for an elderly lady) stamina and mental powers.

She gained notoriety ridding her neighborhood of the criminal element, though it was more out of desire for peace and quiet than an aversion to injustice. This fame—coupled with her advanced age—led her to escape The Bonds of Tyranny’s purges when the took over. Her relative calm destroyed by their machinations, she donned a costume, taking the name Crazy Cat Lady, and opposed their regime.
After their defeat, she opened up a cat daycare.

After initially declining to join the reformed Defense, she relented, apparently at the insistence of her live-in granddaughter, a 25 year old engineering grad student with an affection for Corvette.

The Crazy Cat Lady,. with friends, incomplete

Crazy Cat Lady

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