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Name: Ernest Potsky (The Mechanic)
Powers: Extremely intelligent inventor, possessed of an array of gadgets, foremost of which is a remote-controlled, bipedal robot called Ambulo.


Ernest Potsky led a healthy, normal life working in the insurance industry. He retired at the usual age, and intended to spend his twilight years relaxing with his wife.
Then, he got bored.

He set up a small lab in his basement and got to work on the silly ideas he had during his career that he’d never bothered to pursue.
The culmination of his efforts was Ambulo, a remote-controlled robot he was able to pilot from the safety of his home. Completed while The Bonds of Tyranny were in power, he sent Ambulo out into the streets to help those who needed it.

Following the fall of The Bonds, Ambulo was approached by The Defense, who were unaware of who piloted the robot; Ernest agreed to help the group, as long as they promised to keep his extracurricular activities hidden from his wife.

Ernest has not yet chosen to share the events of the alternate timeline.

Ambulo, with friends, incomplete


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