Earth B

The Temporal Recalibration Engine

How times change...

I wasn’t expecting to put together an after-action report today, but Galilahi just got finished telling me we saved our timeline.

When she arrived at our monthly meeting, she started noticing things were a little off—the big giveaway being when she noticed the president was a man she didn’t recognize. After some discussion, Galilahi convinced the rest of us of her immunity to temporal shifts; Nassim, apparently, was very hostile to the idea that it wasn’t the “real” timeline.
While we were unable to nail down the exact point of divergence from our own memories, we identified a few key differences, hoping that one would lead to the cause.

Captain Awesome negotiated with The Troll in order to learn the source of his recently acquired, conspicuously advanced weaponry: the elusive man called The Broker.

We faked the escape of Dread Mechano in order to lure The Broker into an ambush. We attempted to question him once we’d captured him, but he refused to cooperate. However, Osprey was able to catch glimpses of a secret he was trying desperately to hide using her telepathy. Nassim immediately recognized the place she described seeing in The Broker’s mind’s eye; a former manufacturing facility destroyed by terrorists three years earlier during a raid by DMA forces.

The facility had been repaired—and cloaked to appear destroyed—by X-Arc. Expertly infiltrating the building, we discovered an experiment in its final stage, orchestrated by The Director via remote-control drone. After dispatching the security, we studied the mechanism, a machine designed to create a stable timeline matching X-Arc’s desired parameter. We figured out how to safely shut it down, and once we did, we “woke up,” once more on the morning of our meeting, time set right.



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