Earth B

The Creeping Hive Invades!

The Christmas Invasion

Another day, another alien invasion to repel.
Well, held at bay.

All at once, half the globe was under assault by extraterrestrial forces. It was all we could do to keep their vast forces from swarming the other side. Realizing we’d never be able to stop the invasion if we couldn’t even make forward progress against it, Corvette went to find a solution while the rest of us held the line.

Corvette sought out Expedient Energy Solutions, LLC for their services. After Vim Editor rigged up a makeshift space-suit for Gronk, and the group took a jumpship to ATLOS-1, Corvette’s space station, to get a better vantage point to study the alien menace. There, while Apollo kept the spaceborne aliens away, they isolated a frequency the creatures used to communicate, using planetary satellite information to pinpoint the broadcast’s source.

Vim Editor was able to build a short-range signal broadcaster to cancel out the alien frequency, masking their presence as they descend to Lake Baikal. The forest provided the group some cover as they approached their destination, a clearing at the lake’s edge, where a hive-like biological structure was visibly growing outwards from the lake’s edges; a grotesque, towering creature was vomiting out a substance, which its uncountable tiny arms kneaded as they passed it down to its base, attaching it to the ever-growing hive. The creature’s defenders soon spotted the group.

The group hit the monstrosity with everything they had, as reinforcements poured in. Surrounded, and nearly overwhelmed, they were able to bring down the beast. The rest followed almost immediately; seemingly connected to the large one via a hive-mind, every alien on the planet and in orbit perished at once.



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