Earth B

Defense Air

The capture of The Director

Okay, before I get started on what went down today, let me give it some context.
After The Defense reformed, I started noticing strange similarities in the deleted sectors of X-Arc servers when we raided their secret facilities.
Took me a while to figure out the pattern, but I realized that if I withheld the information I found from my teammates, the sectors stopped deleting.

One of X-Arc’s assets, a mutant code named The Sentry, had precognitive abilities which gave him the foresight to remotely wipe data that contained information about his existence and his facility, a centralized information hub coordinating information between the otherwise isolated X-Arc cells.
As far as I could tell, I was immune to his abilities; his precognition was apparently reliant on being able to read biological minds, and I’d been separated from my body during my confinement by The Bonds.
I formed a plan to strike at The Sentry’s Watchtower, a spire built into a small island in the south Atlantic, while disguising our intent from the psychic.
I contacted my teammates, had them meet in a cargo plane mocked up to look like our meeting room, and we took flight towards The Watchtower. I warned them to avoid thinking anything specific about our current situation, and told them of The Sentry’s existence.

The plan worked as pretty well. Once I told them about The Sentry, they reported that they could feel someone prying into their minds, but they maintained the deception, and when we arrived at The Watchtower, we found they were not expecting us.

We infiltrated the facility, and found The Sentry communicating with The Director, panicked that we had discovered his existence, and begging for additional support. To our surprise, The Sentry was no longer human, but an enormous, mutated brain, suspended in vat. The Director, as usual, was remotely controlling one his drones, and disconnected once we made our presence known.
As The Sentry’s attacked my teammates, I began to take control of the computer systems, stealing and preserving the data contained within before The Sentry could wipe them.
They won the fight easily, shaking off his illusions, destroying his defense drones, and shattering his tank’s casing, but our investigation was cut short; I found a hidden server among the others, and as soon as I accessed it, it triggered a series of explosions. I managed to stop enough of the detonations to allow our group time to escape as the tower collapsed around us.

We returned to our base to decipher the data, and discovered that the message that triggered the explosion was a notification sent to several X-Arc bases, detailing the location of The Director during a short time frame. We decided to take the opportunity to plan an ambush to arrest him during that window, which was today.

The coordinates brought us to the middle of the Pacific, a few hundred miles from Hawaii, and there we observed a large jet flying along the vectors we’d uncovered. When we approached, its defenses confirmed that it was The Director’s transport; not only did the plane open fire on us, but it was supported by missiles launched from an underground sub, a deflection shield and drones from a nearby island, and another of X-Arc’s giant mechs which slowly emerged from the water nearby.

Once we’d dispatched the plane’s defenders, we boarded without much difficulty, discovered it was equipped to fly indefinitely, and soon found The Director holed up in his quarters, hiding behind a forcefield. After some vague threats, an enraged Captain Awesome tore the forcefield from its housing and flew it into the upper atmosphere, nearly suffocating The Director. Bargaining for his life, he claimed he knew the location of my long-missing body. Captain Awesome returned him to the plane, and he divulged the location before losing consciousness due to the strain.

We Just dropped The Director and his plane off with in Hawaii with the DMA, and are heading back to our base to figure out our next move.



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